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Monday, 29 January 2018

Best Android Drawing Apps

best drawing apps

Of the 7.4 billion people on earth, only a few million people are good at drawing. Gifted people use their imagination and observation to create stunning paintings. The paintings are so good that art lovers do not hesitate to pay a huge sum to own them. Pablo Picasso was one of the best painters of all time. One of his paintings was sold for more than 100 million dollars.

Some people pursue drawing as a hobby. Although these people are not good at drawing, they try to paint their thoughts on a canvas.

Professional painters will carry paint materials wherever they go, but amateur or amateur painters will not do it. People in the latter category can use drawing applications to realize their dream of painting when they are not at home.

Here is the list of the best Android Drawing apps.

1. Sketch

Sketch from Sony Corporation is the most popular drawing application on the Google Play Store. It has an easy to use user interface and many features.

The sketch lets you set a background color for the canvas. It offers 15 unique brushes and several stickers that you can superimpose on your images.

The application allows you to edit images saved on the phone. You can also create a new painting by drawing on the canvas. You can add text to images and rotate the canvas in the Sketch application.

Sketch allows you to download sticker packs and crop photos. It has the ability to change the width of the brushes and change the brightness, the contrast of the images. It includes a rule tool and a color palette utility. The application offers a redo / cancel feature so you can correct your paint mistakes. You can save or synchronize your drawings on multiple devices with the Sketch app.

2. Auto Desk Sketch Book

Sketch Book is yet another popular Android drawing application. It allows you to create and manage layers. It has the possibility to activate the mode of drawing in full screen. The application comes with 10 brushes, which you can customize according to your needs. Sketch Book provides an eraser, image cropping, zoom and a blender utility. It also includes a color picker and a rule tool.

android apps

Sketch Book allows you to insert a line, a square or a circle in the image. It allows users to share their drawings on social networks.

If you are a seasoned painter, you can take part in the Sketch Book's "Deviant Art Sketch This Challenge" and show off your talents as a painter.

Sketch book is a great application. The APK file size of the application is 65 MB. It consumes 95 MB of storage memory.

3. IBPS Paint X

IBIS is a free application that you can use to draw manga and anime. It offers more than 140 brushes. Paint X allows you to shoot your drawing videos. It allows you to change the opacity of the brush, the angle, the thickness, etc. Once you have changed the brush setting, you can preview the brush with the IBIS Paint X app.

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IBIS Paint X allows you to create unlimited layers. You can change the layer settings in this application. IBIS offers a palette tool of 30 colors. It allows users to replace the color of the palette with the one they use frequently. The app provides an option to change the orientation of the canvas. It includes several filters.

IBIS comes with a hardware tool that provides more than 750 textures. The other utilities you'll find in the Paint X app are:

  • Eraser, Smudge, Blur, Ruler, Blender
  • Color selector, bucket fill, zoom, image stabilizer.

The application has a nice user interface and it's free.

4. ArtFlow

Based on the material design, ArtFlow is a tiny Android drawing application with a lot of features. To make sure you have enough space to draw on a canvas, the application hides its navigation bars when you start drawing.

ArtFlow includes a built-in tool to print the photo. Recording a time-lapse video of your drawing is possible with ArtFlow.

art flow android app

The app comes with 13 unique customization brushes. It allows you to flip the canvas horizontally and vertically. It also includes the option to frame the canvas. The application offers 6 form tools. ArtFlow uses the phone's GPU to manage graphics.

The free version of ArtFlow allows you to create 2 layers and export the image as a JPEG or PNG file. If you want to remove the restriction and unlock additional brushes, you must purchase the PRO version of this application.

5. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator is a great app for drawing vector images. Unlike other applications, Illustrator allows users to create and manage projects. A project can have as many drawings as you want.

Adobe's free Android drawing app comes with 5 different brushes. This allows you to change the opacity of the background of the canvas. The application allows you to flip the canvas. It provides 8 forms. You can add more shapes by installing third-party shape libraries.

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You can publish your drawing project to Behance or copy the image to Adobe Creator Cloud with this application. Adobe IL provides an option to change the angle, opacity, color, and size of the brush. The application supports layers. You can rename or duplicate a project in Adobe IL.

6. Artboard

ArtBoard is the only application on our list that can generate an animated GIF of your drawing. In addition to GIFs, you can also save your drawing in a video with the ArtBoard app.

ArtBoard allows users to add text to photos. You can change the text size, font, and opacity before adding it to the image.

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You can create up to 15 layers in this drawing application. ArtBoard offers several brushes and 4 unique fusion modes. Brushes in this application are divided into 2 categories, basic and artistic. You can change the following four brush settings:

  • Cut.
  • Strength.
  • Hardness.
  • Spacing.

ArtBoard includes a color mixer and a palette tool. It provides an option to insert an image into the canvas.

ArtBoard, Adobe Illustrator Draw, ArtFlow, AutoDesk SketchBook, Sony Sketch and IBIS Paint X are the best Android drawing apps.

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